Do you want the HOW or the WHO? - Franchise Secrets

Do you want the HOW or the WHO?

I like what Joe Polish said, “You can either learn HOW to do something – or – you can find the right WHO.

Most people come to me thinking they want the right HOW and then realize they really want the right WHO.

I know a lot of stuff about franchising and love to learn more. Although I love learning, there are some things I just do not want to learn and frankly just not very good at.

What I have learned over the years and continued to get better at is finding the right people for the right role in the right business.

I personally like businesses that allow me to pay and hire managers that are better at managing than I am. I also find this is one of the fastest ways out of Corporate America for many people who want to keep their job and start a business.

If you can find the right WHO, they bring the HOW with them. Many franchises will help you find the right WHO.

A lot of times people are trying to figure out HOW to do something, when in reality you might just need to find the right WHO, because the right WHO already knows HOW to do it.