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Fitness Franchises: A Fad or The Future?

As we’ve seen fitness brands grow and expand across America over the last decade, so has the volume on the debate as to whether or not all of these new fitness brands are just part of a wave that will inevitably crash against the shore, or if they are a sign of a new tide in health consciousness that’s rising across the globe.

I’ve talked to a lot of people on both sides of the debate – those who think it’s just a fad, and those who think it’s shaping the future.

In reality, the truth is probably somewhere in between those two extremes. Sure, there are some trendy fitness brands that might not stand the test of time (I think back to fitness video programs of the 80’s and 90’s that ultimately lost popularity). But there are also fantastic brands who are innovating within the fitness industry, and creating ways to reach health-conscious people who aren’t interested in bodybuilding and are underserved by traditional gym models.

Many people I’ve worked with have come to me writing-off great fitness brands because they think that they’re just a fad. But what’s funny is that when we start talking, and I ask them about what they’re looking for, they’ll say they want a business that has:

  1. The potential to cash flow quickly
  2. A system designed for recurring revenue
  3. Employees who are typically happy and love showing up to work every day

Well guess what… that describes most of the fitness brands that I love!!! And just so you know, many of the people who came to me closed off to fitness brands ended up becoming fitness franchisees once they realized that some of those brands actually provided exactly what they were looking for as a business owner. It’s like I always say – you don’t have to love the widget itself, you just have to love the business model.

Now, I think fitness industry growth is part of the future, but that doesn’t even really matter. What matters is the individual brand that you invest in. A great brand has potential to buck negative trends or even outperform positive ones.

The bottom line is this – you need to do your research. Verify as much as you can, talk to a consultant, and ask the franchisor lots of questions before you make a decision that impacts your future.