A Franchisor’s Perspective on Evaluating Franchises with Shelly Sun

Erik is joined by Shelly Sun, CEO & Founder of BrightStar Care. Shelly talks about her journey of becoming a franchisor, outlining expert advice for business owners looking to scale their businesses through franchising as well as franchisees evaluating which franchisors to partner with. If you're on the fence about becoming a franchisor, this episode is for you!

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Shelly Sun is the CEO & Founder of BrightStar Care. As a result of her leadership, she has been named one of the top 25 highest rated CEOs in the United States (the only female honored) during the COVID-19 crisis, and was named one of the Top 100 Female Founders of 2020.

Shelly built the company from the ground up when she realized there wasn’t a high-quality, dependable care provider that she felt would take care of her aging grandmother better than she could. She was an angry consumer working at a large insurance firm, and just like the rest of us, demanded the best care for her family. Instead of standing by idly watching her grandmother receive sub-par care, BrightStar Care was born. From day one, the company has operated under the belief that every client is one-of-a-kind, so their care should be too. This philosophy helped BrightStar Care become the company it is today. In 2005, they started franchising the business, with nearly 340 locations today. In under 5 years of the birth of the business, Shelly took BrightStar Care from a $1 million dollar business to over $100 million, and was the first (and only) franchising company in the US to specialize in both medical and non-medical health care staffing.

With this past year, the pandemic was extremely scary - especially being in the healthcare industry. The fact that BrightStar Care is thriving with new clients daily is a true testament to Shelly’s leadership. She acts fast, cares for her staff, and is truly making a difference. At the onset of the pandemic, she made PPE a top priority, investing more than $2 million into building a centralized fulfillment center to ensure franchisees had access to the supplies they need. But she didn’t stop there - they also made this fulfillment center available to the entire franchise community. Additionally, they have partnerships with many Fortune 500 companies to help with screening their employees so they can have peace of mind when coming to work. With vaccines now available, BrightStar Care is committed to being part of the solution, with many franchisees leading their communities by offering nurses to local organizations to administer vaccinations.


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