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Brand New or Tried-and-True? Choosing the Right Franchise Founder With Jeff Herr

A lot of people agree that franchising is more effective than starting a business from scratch. However, it's not as simple as just buying a franchise and waiting for the money to come. 


Before investing in a franchise, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of all the costs involved in buying and running it. You must know if the ROI would be worth it. Also, choosing the right franchise founder is a critical component before deciding which brand to invest in. 


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Today, Erik is joined once again by his Business Partner, Jeff Herr, from Front Street Equity Partners. Together, they share insights from their conversations with different brands on what they look for in franchise founders and why some brands are more expensive than others.


If you're thinking about buying a franchise, this conversation is something you'd want to listen to.


“If you launch the right way, then that's typically how you're gonna perform.” - Jeff Herr


In This Episode:

- A super interesting conversation with a founder

- When talking to buyers, how open should franchisors be regarding things they know and don't know about the business? 

- Where to see examples of a robust Item 19 and why it's important to look at FDDs

- What separates weaker brands from better brands?

- Two-fold purpose of technology in a business



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Brand New or Tried-and-True? Choosing the Right Franchise Founder With Jeff Herr