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Here’s What It Actually Means to Build Brands With Rich Moyer

Many people dream of owning a business and being in control of their destiny. However, knowing where to start can be difficult if you've never run a business. Fortunately, working with advisors and being good in sales can be your key to success. Today's guest shares his experience starting and growing his brand. 


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Rich Moyer is the Founder and CEO of Hoppin' Brands. He started his career in the golf industry, becoming a PGA Professional at 22. He later realized he was on the wrong side of the counter, so he got into sales, leading him to start his first business in 2014. Rich grew this business quickly and sold it in February of 2017. In the summer of 2016, he opened a homemade ice cream shop with two of his best friends, and they have expanded to 5+ locations and are continuing to grow.

After selling his first company, Rich used some of the proceeds to open Hoppin'. The first location opened in December 2017. He then opened the second concept, Pinhouse, in August 2019 and the third location, Hoppin', in March 2020. After the pandemic, Rich and his team began the franchise process for Hoppin' and launched fully in September 2022. 


Hoppin' brings a different way to franchise a bar/restaurant, and Rich expects rapid growth across the country.


Join Erik and Rich as they discuss the different things you need to start and grow your business, the power of having advisors, building your brand, deciding whether or not to franchise your business, and a whole host of cool things about franchising and entrepreneurship. 


“If you can sell, you can do anything.” - Rich Moyer


In This Episode:

- How Rich got into entrepreneurship

- What was it with Rich that made his mentor take a chance on him?

- What came next for Rich after crushing his first sales job?

- Life in the construction industry

- What do you do with a large sum of money from selling your business?

- Why did Rich start an ice cream business?

- Let's talk about Hoppin'

- Are you thinking about franchising your business? Here's some advice from Rich

- Rich shares more advice for franchise owners 

- What does Erik look for when vetting brands for Front Street?

- What is it about Hoppin' that makes it franchisable?

- Thoughts on branding and how Rich came up with the name for Hoppin'

- Changing the tagline for Hoppin' 

- What's next for Rich and the Hoppin' Brands?

- Rich's biggest fears that keep him up at night



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Here’s What It Actually Means to Build Brands With Rich Moyer