Noodles & Company: Food, Franchising, QSRs & Fast Casual

A quick-service restaurant or #QSR is a popular choice for people who want to start their own business. A #franchise, or company owned by someone else instead of an individual owner like @McDonald's would be the way most successful fast food chains operate--so what makes them different from other franchises?

It's not often that we are joined by people in the QSR space of franchising. As many of you know, In my 20+ years of franchising, I've largely been in the service-based space.

Today we are joined by John Ramsay of Noodles & Company to talk all things food-franchise!

Who is John Ramsay?

"With over 28 years of experience in restaurant franchise sales and development, John Ramsay joined Noodles & Company in November of 2020 as the vice president of franchise sales. Prior to Noodles, John most recently held positions in franchise and restaurant growth efforts for Bruxie International and  @Marco's Pizza   Franchising. John’s successful career includes the growth of over 900 restaurants across all 50 states and 12 different countries. Having graduated from  @Virginia Tech  University with an architecture degree, his vast skillset came through during his early career positions in design, construction and real estate for brands such as @TGI Fridays and @Jack in the Box."

Topics we hit in this episode:

-What makes the QSR space different from service based?

-Who makes a good QSR franchisee?

-What QSR brands are crushing it right now?


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