Surviving During a Pivoting Economy with guest Heidi Morrissey, CEO of Kitchen Tune-Up

Today, we invite Heidi Morrissey, president, and CEO of Kitchen Tune-Up out of South Dakota. As a franchise or small business owner, surviving and scaling your business is more important than ever in this pivoting environment and economy. Heidi is an experienced business owner with lots of tips and tricks regarding sales, marketing, and training. More importantly, tune in this week and listen to Heidi’s experience and suggestions concerning pivoting franchises and surviving during unique times.


Heidi Morrissey, President and CEO of Kitchen Tune-Up comes in this week to share her experience. As a second-generation Franchise Owner, Heidi strives To help people find a career they love and to establish a healthy work/life balance. Her ultimate goal is to attract like-minded entrepreneurs to join her. She is also a trained MELT instructor who has also created a dynamic home-based career in scrapbooking and teaching classes. Prior to all of these successful ventures, Heidi was a Kindergarten Teacher.

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