The 10th Franchisee is Different than the 210th Franchisee

Today I talk to JT Thiessen with Budget Blinds. A very well established brand who is absolutely crushing it with happy successful franchisees

JT said something that stopped me in my tracks:

"The 10th franchisee is different than the 210th franchisee"

It's true!

✔️ Their mindset is different

✔️ Their experience is different

✔️ They're a different buyer

It's important to understand this! When you're buying a franchise, you're obviously going to have a different experience depending on what kind of brand you buy, but you're also going to have a different experience whether you buy an emerging brand or an established brand.

As a brand grows, they inevitably start to delegate parts of the business so they can scale. For this reason, you may have a different experience than a franchisee who purchased the same brand with it was emerging.

You may:

-have less direct access to the founder

-have an onboarding process that looks different than what early franchisees experienced

-have access to vendors right away that early franchisees didn't have until later

-and more!

These are things to keep in mind when you're validating with Franchisees.

Let's dive in!


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