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The Next Generation of Franchising

What does the next generation of franchising look like? What new and innovative ways of doing things are being introduced? If you’re a young franchisee looking for ways to connect with others in the industry it can be tough. Finding mentorship opportunities and connections isn’t always easy. In this episode of Franchise Secrets, I chat with Zack Fishman of Fishman PR all about being a young entrepreneur in the industry.

Zack holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the George Washington University with an emphasis in marketing. He was a consultant and director of operations with FranFunnel. He’s now the co-host of the Modrn Business Podcast and most recently the director of Innovation at Fishman PR. Zack knows young entrepreneurs can and are making an impact in the industry. Listen as we discuss what the next generation of franchising will look like.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:36] I introduce Zack Fishman
  • [4:10] Zack’s franchise icon mentors
  • [7:50] Advice for someone without connections
  • [10:00] The Modrn BusinessPodcast Tour
  • [15:30] What Zack learned from his interviews
  • [17:20] Best questions to ask
  • [22:30] The YoungConference Details
  • [29:15] The innovative things happening in franchising
  • [32:30] Influencer relationships and engagement

Being mentored by franchise icons

Zack grew up immersed in the franchise world. His parents are the founders of Fishman PR and he interned there at a young age. While having connections in the industry can give you a leg up, he’s worked hard for what he’s earned. He doesn’t want to simply rely on his family name—so he learned the industry inside and out.

He’s also had the opportunity to be mentored by some of the biggest names in the industry

One such mentor is Shelly Sun—CEO of BrightStar Franchising and a pioneer in the industry. He’s also been mentored by Catherine Monson (CEO of FASTSIGNS International) and Steven Greenbaum (CEO of Best Life Brands). His parents are also amazing—and incredibly well-known—mentors.

Keep listening as we chat about his mentors and how you can find opportunities like these without connections in the industry.

The Modrn Business Podcast Tour: Franchisors.com Summer Franchise Tour

Ryan Hicks (the VP of Business Development for Rallio and close friend) invited Ryan out for drinks and asked Zack to hear him out—he had this crazy idea. What if they took the Modrn Business Podcast on the road? They’d get a bus and travel the country interviewing icons in the franchising world. While initially voicing there was no way it would happen, Zack said he’d think about it.

‘Thinking about it’ turned into agreeing to one week on the road.

Which turned into 6 weeks on the road. 

Zack and Ryan covered 26 states, had 14 different sponsors, and produced 112 pieces of content for the Podcast. All while advertising their upcoming YoungConference as well as Springboard and the Unconference. To hear everyone they got to interview, what they learned, and what the experience was like—keep listening for some amazing name drops.

Franchise YoungConference: The NextGen Franchise conference

Though you won’t get carded at the door, the YoungConference is geared towards the “under-45” up-and-comers in the industry. It will be all about navigating the ever-changing digital realm and making sure your franchise is prepared for the next generation of franchising.

The conference is for innovators, creators, and out-of-the-box thinkers.

There are many conferences geared towards those experienced in the industry and even emerging brands. YoungConference is one of the only being offered to help the younger crowd connect with other successful young entrepreneurs. If you want to hear some of the big names who will be speaking, keep listening as Zack and I chat about the conference schedule.

What does the next generation of franchising look like?

There are innovative things happening in franchising, and a “changing of the guard” is taking place. This generation is more connected than ever before. Even simply putting ourselves out there and producing podcasts are a great way to be heard and a great way to build brand awareness.

We are moving away from “cookie-cutter” ads and becoming edgier and innovative.

The concept of ‘Gamification’ is being integrated to raise customer engagement. 

Influencer marketing is becoming a measurable and quantifiable means of marketing.

The end result of everything that you do needs to be engagement. Getting new followers and “likes'' on social media is meaningless without active engagement from your consumer. Listen to the rest of this episode as Zack and I discuss in detail the future of franchising.

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