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The Right Way To Network With Justin Donald

You've heard it a million times; "It's not what you know, it's who you know." But how do you go about networking in the right way? Erik and Justin Donald share their dos and don'ts of networking.

The truth is, there are right and wrong ways to network. The wrong ways lead to dead ends and the right ways lead to genuine relationships and possible deal flow. Check out the full video and remember, Motive Matters!

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Justin Donald has mastered the low-risk cash flow investment principles he shares with entrepreneurs around the world. These principles center on creating passive income and significant wealth while liberating yourself from a day-to-day job. His innovative mindset principles and 10 commandments of Lifestyle Investing have released scores of entrepreneurs from the “golden handcuffs” that came with running life-consuming enterprises.

Justin’s 10 commandments are revealed in inspiring detail in his book, The Lifestyle Investor. In it, he shares the secrets that empowered him to multiply his net worth to over eight figures in less than two years – before doubling it just two years later. Now he focuses on showing today’s entrepreneurs and business executives how to think and invest to limit risk and maximize repeatable returns through his proven passive income cash flow strategies. Justin’s principles enable you to move from an “earned income” career to support your lifestyle with passive cash flow investments that give you the absolute freedom to live the life you truly desire.


Erik Van Horn is a franchising specialist, and expert in multi-unit, semi-absentee franchise business ownership. From entrepreneur to regional developer, and investor to consultant, Erik has worn many hats over the last two decades, which has provided him unique insight into complex aspects of the industry. If you're a franchisee, a franchisor, or one aspiring to be, subscribe to the Franchise Secrets channel and visit www.FranchiseSecrets.com for even more tactical and practical tools to help you buy, grow, and sell franchises like an expert.

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