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The One Big Change & The ONE Thing that will NOT Change

Gone are the days of my 4 Hour Work Week that I used to enjoy in 2016, 2017 and part of 2018 when my main business was running on autopilot with my man, Mirko, running the show!

On the consulting side, I was mainly working with candidates who were referred to me by others who I had helped in the past and life was pretty good on all fronts, then…. on purpose I got busy.

In 2018, I…

  • Spent 6 months positioning my business on autopilot to sell 7 months later!
  • Bought 3 different franchise brands in 6 different states.
  • Started sharing on social media the things I had learned over the last 15 years and it turns out it actually helps many people when buying franchises.

It was late 2018 that I had my AH-HA moment.

Here is my video about it or you can just keep reading.

You see, I love to help people and began to realize I would not be able to help everyone that wanted or needed my help… Or could I even if they didn’t work directly with me?

In my sphere of influence, I have developed relationships with first-rate consultants who are amazing at helping clients get into new franchise businesses. Even though these consultants have not built their platform or following the way that I have, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

Before I was a consultant, these were the consultants that I would have referred my friends to because of their work ethic of helping vs.selling and their commitment to building long-term relationships with integrity.

In other words, they are some of the best consultants in the industry, but unless you are in this world of franchising and consulting, then you would never know who is great and who is not so great.

These consultants are now on my team! Together with them, my company I Love Franchising, we are able to help more people.

This ONE THING will NOT Change….

I will still personally work with the Referrals You Send My Way.

I truly appreciate the trust you have in me to personally take care of your friends and family.

You can ALWAYS, call, email or text me