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This week I had to tell my wife NO!

By October 26, 2018 Business, Franchising

This week I had to tell my wife NO!

She wanted me to do something that just didn’t feel right.

Most of you know that I help people find Franchises that are right for them.

Most of you also know that I live in a small town in South Dakota (Spearfish: Population 11,069)

When you live in a small town everyone knows everyone (literally).

I am known as the “Franchise Guy” in my small town and that has lead to a lot of conversations over the years.

They are usually quick and simple.

Friend: I want to buy a franchise.

Erik: Spearfish is too small of a town for a Franchise, I wouldn’t recommend it here.

End of Franchise Conversation.

I own Franchise businesses, I just don’t own them there. Starting and owning a business remotely is more than most people are willing to take on.

In the last year I had some friends tell me that they wanted to be like me and own in different State.

That is when my wife got concerned.

She has been in franchising for a long time. She knows that it isn’t easy and you have to work hard to be successful.

She really didn’t want me to show them anything. Our kids go to the same school, we see them everyday. What if things didn’t work out like they wanted…..

For a second I almost agreed with her. But then I thought about the life that I am able to live because of Franchising.

Who am I to hold them back.

Would it be right for me to limit my close Friends potential in life?


I realized I needed to treat my close friends just like the people (usually Strangers) that I work with everyday.

I took them through the same proven process, I gave them the same tools and insights that I developed investigating hundreds of different franchise concepts, we had the same frank conversations about fear of failure that I have everyone else.

I guess you can say I treated them just like a stranger I talk with for the first time, or I treat everyone I work with like a friend who I’ve known for 30 years

They found a great concept. I am super excited for them, just like I am for everyone I work with.