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Being in Control Can Lead to Success

with guest Bedros Keuilian #FranchiseSecrets Ep 40



Being in control or being known as a “control freak” can be misleading and sometimes even come off negatively. But, how can we possibly be successful in any aspects of our life, if we do not have control over the contributing attributes. The truth is, taking control can pave the path for success. Many of you know, there are so many features that go into opening and maintaining a franchise. In our minds, we are constantly working. How do we balance our work, our families, our schedules? The answer is, by taking control. It is easy to lose track and focus of anything in our lives, even those that do not relate directly to our franchises. How do we take control of the many features within our franchise, as well as the important people and situations outside of our franchise? What about the individuals that are eager to open a franchise, but have less available avenues or resources that other franchise, or soon to be franchise owners have? Taking control is the very first step for individuals to take to obtain success in the franchise and business world.

Bedros Kruilian, founder of franchise Fit Body Bootcamp now is proud owner of a thriving organization with 800 locations. Bedros just so happened to be one of those individuals with limited resources to reach success. He did not allow that to stop him. Bedros and his family traveled to the United States and had a less than adequate life for quite some time. His story from the beginning to today, is beyond inspiring. The first step Bedros took in turning his life around for him and his family, begun with taking control.

Take Control with Mentorship

Having a mentor, even when we think we do not need one, is a key component to success. Bedros lunged into the business world being guided by mentors. His first mentor in life, helped him reach his goal and passion of opening his very own gym. After becoming an entrepreneur, he soon realized that his need for mentors continued. As the economy collapsed, as he both sold and engaged in new business prospects, as his companies made pivots… his need for mentors never seized. In fact, he realized that allowing mentors to help him, gave him more control over the important matters. Having mentors obviously allows you access to information, advice, support… but it also relieves stress in other areas that can hinder one’s ability to obtain control. Some may not know where to find a mentor, how to obtain one, or even afford one. Mentors do not come as confined as many believe. Mentors can be found on a variety of platforms. Mentors can come by building relationships, lending helping hands, networking, research, even within books or public audiences. Properly connecting and relying on mentors can result in positive pivots to one’s ability to take control.

Necessary Areas of Control

Being able to control our work environment, exceeds far beyond just work-related scenarios. For one, we must be able to create a work-life mix. Be so in control of your franchise, that you are able to step away and be in control of your family as well. Family is foundation, we must not lose sight of our foundation because we are so caught up in running our franchises. Losing sight of our foundation, can trigger failure to our franchises. Creating a work-life mix is a great avenue to take.

This leads to time management. We must be able to mix our life in with our work, which forces us to control our time. It is key to be in control of our time for more than just family purposes. Prioritizing the work that needs to be done and our overall schedule, can lead to success as well. This can drive you to be more successful than the next franchise owner. Time theft will quickly creep up on a franchise owner.

One way we become victim of time theft, is by trying to do it all ourselves. We want to collapse time frames, not expand them. Taking control of our ideas and allowing ourselves to channel them through other sources is another great way we can reach success. This can be done by utilizing your other organizations, team members or associates.



Taking Control of Yourself

As there are many areas, we must take control over as a franchise owner, we must not be blind that the number one place to start is with ourselves. Bilateral stimulation is a perfect example… while we are enduring in something that frees us or distracts us from our franchises, it can lead to the creating of other great factors that feed into our franchises.

Our surroundings can take control of us. Have you ever found yourself surrounded by certain people or media that internally weighs you down? Take a step back, look at the bigger picture and realize that you are in control of your surroundings. Alleviate any negativity that could be hindering your ability to take full control of the important matters.

Perspective is everything. I have learned through out my experiences that I cannot go far quickly, if I am problem focused. Instead, being solution focused will lead me to where I want and need to be. I feel by looking at everything as opportunities rather than problems, separates a successful franchise owner, from a non-successful one. Bedros says, “I realized very quickly that when you’re disheveled in lacking discipline, you’re going to deal with stress and overwhelm and frustration. If you decide to get disciplined and become a control freak and build a team around you and not just employees, you’re still going to have entrepreneurial stress. But there’s good stress.” Bedros started from struggles and made his way to success, if you want to achieve this level of success, you must start by taking control. Anyone can do it, if you have the right mindset, you can take control.