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The Impact and Support of Public Relations with a Franchise

with guests Brad and Sherri Fishman #Franchise Secrets Ep039

Public relations are a major component when it comes to completing a franchise development. How many franchise owners truly have the capability to create brand awareness, properly market, or drive social media without a PR team? Being involved with a public relations team can help a franchise striving for success, through many different platforms.

What if the outcome of our company could potentially strive at a much higher rate from the very beginning? Sherri and Brad Fishman, owners of Fishman PR have the experience, knowledge and tools to help a franchise reach the platforms that assist in a company’s take off. Sherri and Brad work with first time franchisees and franchisors, as well as the ones who have done it time and time again. The fact that the Fishman’s have returning franchise customers, goes to show that the support they give businesses, really does make a difference on success results.

Supporting, Building and Understanding Franchises

Sometimes, as business owners, we find ourselves feeling stuck. More often than not, we could use a third party to help guide us in our blind spots. The Fishman’s organization is the perfect support that every franchise could utilize. Fishman PR supports each client. They take the time to truly understand their wants and their needs. Once they have a good grasp on a franchises vision, they begin to tackle their process with the clients. Their process consists of building brand awareness, building business models, raising social media awareness, generating franchise leads, doing pre/grand/post openings, marketing, seeking proper influencers and most of all, over all guidance.

Business Model

As a Franchise owner, we all have a vision or a model we want to go by. Each owner’s might be different, and owner’s might find it hard to achieve their envisioned business model. However, Fishman PR truly takes the time to communicate, understand and grasp a franchisees total vision. It is important to have the support that Fishman’s organization can offer, but even more important to have that support from people who truly care to understand and help you achieve your vision.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a key component for each business owner to grasp. How could one possibly succeed without truly knowing or being aware of the company they are pursuing. Are you asking the right questions, have you spoken to the right people, do you have the proper guidance you need to be successful?


We all know that marketing is a platform all companies need to succeed. Without marketing, how would we spread our brand? How would we draw people’s interest? How would we express what we have to offer? Marketing and raising social awareness is the way we can achieve these.

We are in the world where social media weighs heavily on marketing for a company. There are so many avenues to be taken with social media and so many opportunities to show face to a target audience. Where does one begin? Which route is the best route to take? This is where PR comes in handy, they are able to raise social awareness properly using the avenues that will result in a company’s best interest. It goes far beyond Facebook, there are other avenues such as press releases and tv segments.

Grand openings are a way to allow people to discover what your brand and organization is all about. A PR’s role is to coordinate this event, spreads the word, drives customers, create sales and makes sure a franchisees grand opening goes as productively as possible.

Influencers and ambassadors are the backbone to a business. Although these two are different, they both provide major benefit to a franchise. These are the people that follow us, believe in us, are knowledge about the brand and advertise the brand. Public Relations help us to find and pinpoint the perfect people for this role.

Franchise Leads

Leads are the basis of each organization. Without leads, without sales, without customers… there is no organization. Sometimes we may find it difficult to achieve franchise leads. Who should we target? How should we do it? What is the best way to go about franchise leads? Learning how Fishman provides franchise leads is a major attribute one should consider when opening a franchise.


Weather we want to admit it or not, we can all use a little guidance. Fishman PR is here to offer guidance. The Fishman’s host conferences to spread knowledge to current or future business owners. The Fishman’s are genuinely passionate about what they do. They want to watch each of their clients succeed. They have the experience and knowledge to allow their clients ability to succeed. For an organization to have this type of support and guidance, is a blessing. The Fishman’s believe in catering to their client, they believe in becoming a team with their client.

We all know that if you are passionate about your brand, you have much higher chance with success. Could you imagine what could happen if we combined our passion with the services of a truly passionate PR company? All, of our franchises would take off! If you are fearful or have any doubt on how to go about generating any of these key components a franchise needs to truly take off, I highly recommend you tuning into this weeks episode to learn and understand the process and passion the Fishman’s have with supporting franchises and truly seeing the avenues that public relations can help a franchise succeed.