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Customer Sales and Essentials

By January 1, 2020 Business, Franchising

How many of you own a franchise and feel peculiar when it comes to sales? There are many people out there that are not comfortable with sales, or even handling and maintaining customers. However, it is nearly impossible to have a successful franchise without properly knowing how to sell the service or product you are providing. Also, without customers, there is no business. Knowing the proper routes to take when it comes to sales and customers is an essential a franchisor must become educated on. This week’s episode, 38 in Franchise Secrets hosts Michael Bernoff a good friend, businessman and sales coach. Michael educates listeners with his expertise on customers and sales.  



As a current or upcoming franchise owner, I bet presales is a huge goal you want to tackle. We spend a lot of money investing into our franchises, and we all want that guarantee and certainty that we will have customers and business coming our way. How do we go about not upsetting customers when we try to get presales before officially opening? Michael shares some great tactics on how to speak and route customers in the right direction. This helps to keep them intrigued and patient about an organization that is opening soon.  



Once we have customers in the door, sometimes it is hard to buy their commitment. Commitment is one of the hardest things for people to be held accountable for. Michael shares with us a two-step model process in achieving a customer’s commitment. The two-step model consists of building the problem, then building the solution. Michael and I go through some real-life scenarios and role play how to gain a customer’s commitment. The 90 day process is something we want customers to achieve. Michael shares with us how to be honest and assuring to clients in order to get them to join the 90 day process. Michael states to customers, It’s your commitment to this. And most people, their ability to commit has not been a muscle that they’d stretch. So, part of our company philosophy is enhancing your ability to commit and follow through. Michael has the ability and teaches listeners to align both the customers best interest and sales tactics so that everyone is happy.  



There are many times that franchises must hire certain personnel for a job, which may not include sales experience or interest. For example, personal trainers, massage therapists, etc. Getting these employees excited and passionate about the sales portion of their job is an obstacle many owners may face. What if we could get our employees to be passionate about the sales and believe that the sales truly do benefit their clientele? In this episode, we learn how we can get employees on board and just excited about the sales aspect of their job, as they are the other aspects of their job.  





How many of you struggle with obtaining referrals? I know I do. Referrals are an excellent way of marketing and getting our name out there. Referrals on the flip side, are also a great way to make a trusting name for yourself. Often, we feel like salespeople when it comes to referrals. We learn in this episode how to perfectly tie in sales and keep good reputations while doing so. 



Client retention is a huge part of the business owning process. Many times, we are so caught up in finding new customers, that we forget the importance of creating retention with our current customers. Not only does the retention guarantee our clientele, but it advertises that we know how to take care of our clientele. In this episode we discuss how building a community is important for client retention. Michael digs deeper on this subject and breaks it down so that we are able to focus on each client individually which in the long run will help us keep their business. Michael expresses that we must create milestones, ask questions, follow up, get customers involved and give recognition to customers when recognition is due. All of these little acts can achieve long-term retention, which is what every business should be aiming for.  



Michael helps us understand how to go about using mindset and reframing with customers. Sometimes, we need to adjust the way a client sees themselves, the business or their goals. Reframing is merely, “taking something you think you knew, and reframing it as something else.” The gym is a good example, someone may think that they are not getting the results they should be, because they see everyone else who might be further along then them. It is important at this time, to help to client change their mindset on the matter and reframe it in a more positive and true light. Help the client to understand, that when these people started, they were in the same boat, they have been doing it longer. Let the client know that if they stick with it, then they will be able to achieve their goals as well. It is a simple action, that can change everything. Mindset and reframing are also needed when it comes to the employees, and even the owner.  



Michael believes, “that momentum is the key to franchisee’s success.” Many times, owners and employees lose momentum when it comes to sales and customer happiness. Customers also lose momentum with a franchise, whether it be their personal things intervening or the fact that the franchise is not fulfilling their needs. Keeping momentum alive can help the success of a franchise. This whole episode helps to express different ways we can keep momentum going with customers and sales. Michael states, “We got to remember sales comes from the Norse word. Salai which means to serve. So, you gotta realize you do want to be a salesperson. You want to serve people.” This is an absolute 100 percent truth. We do want to serve people, and in order to do that we have to accept that sometimes that means we have to be salespeopleTune into episode 38 to learn how to keep the momentum alive in your franchise.