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I am NOT a “Jack of All Trades”​ when it comes to helping people find franchises.

By December 29, 2018 Business, Franchising

I started a “test” in 2018 helping people find great franchise

The result were

…more people than ever invested into franchises

…I turned down more people than ever before what wanted to work directly with me

…The people I turned down ended up getting better help then had they worked with me

…I am not the best franchise consultant (well, I already knew that, but more on that later)

…I am taking it from a test to scaling it as part of my business in 2019

In 2017 I realized that I am NOT a “Jack of All Trades” when it comes to helping people find franchises. I know what I am really good at and where there are people who are better than me.

I actually know 2 consultants (KD and RB) who are the very best in the industry at helping a wide range of people find a wide range of franchises. This is not me!

I call these two franchise consultant unicorns and also friends!

I know other consultants who are stronger than me in helping people find specific types of franchises. I know them very well and trust them implicitly.

So, what am I good at and what are they good at and why does it matter?

I am good at the type of brands (semi-absentee) I own. The ones that allow me to hire a quality manager and I manage them until I hire a DOO who can lead the managers. This gives me ultimate flexibility and allows me to live in a small town on a hobby ranch while owning/starting businesses in 6 States. These types of business usually require a $1M net worth with $100k+ liquid and are owned by people with full time high paying jobs or entrepreneurs like me looking to diversify.

Now, most people looking at franchises do not have a $1M net-worth!! If this is you, then you will want to keep reading.

What are my franchise consultant friends are really good at?

Some of them specialize in

– lower investment franchises both service based and light retail

– low investment & semi-absentee (keep your job)

– quit your job and start a franchise (buy a job)

– white collar owner/blue-collar employees

Why Does it matter?

People come to me because they know I am one of the most connected guys in franchising and I actually own franchises.

I started to find that I was not able to help everyone that I wanted to, so I formed some strategic partnerships with a handful of franchise consultants that are better than me at helping some of the people who reach out to me for help.

I realized that by doing this, I am helping people immensely since they are not just hoping to get connected with a great consultant like RB or KD, but they are actually getting connected to the consultant who can best help them!

You see most consultants want/need 100% of the payday when someone buys. I am motivated to maintain a very fun and flexible lifestyle and help as many people as I can.

So, I mostly work directly with people with a $1M net worth, and since that is not most people reading this post, I have fantastic strategic partners that I will personally connect you to after I personally review all your information and maybe you and I will have a phone call first.

I personally respond to all my emails and DMs, so if you have a question, I am happy to help.