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A Deep Dive on Multi-Brand Franchising With Justin Sharbutt

Franchising continues to be a popular business model in today's competitive market. Entrepreneurs can leverage the success of an established brand instead of building a business from the ground up. Today's guest has taken franchising to the next level by investing in different brands, resulting in immense growth and profitability. 


Justin Sharbutt is a multi-brand franchisee passionate about expanding his footprint in the franchise industry. He owns 7 Dunkin'/ Baskin Robbins, 3 BurgerFi, and 54 Tide Cleaners, with 12 new stores under development. His wife owns 1 Blo Blow Dry Bar. Justin had his first taste of entrepreneurship when he and two of his best friends started a business raking leaves in their neighborhood.

Join Erik and Justin as they discuss what being a multi-unit and multi-brand franchisee is like. Get valuable insights in choosing a brand to work with, deal structures, business entity setup, and how to run multiple locations effectively.

If you’re looking for a franchise to start your dreams of becoming a business owner, look no further and let Justin show you the way.


“Volume cures all. The more sales you have, the margins are much better.” - Justin Sharbutt


In This Episode:

- Justin takes us through his early experiences in entrepreneurship and how he got into franchising

- Why would someone want to franchise a food business when it's known to be a low-margin industry and managing employees is a nightmare?

- How important is the brand when it comes to franchising? 

- What attracted Justin to franchise a QSR and laundry service?

- Justin talks about what the deal structure was like with Tide, what worked, what didn't work, and other lessons along the way

- What is the right way to set up a business entity?

- Justin shares some numbers (EBITDA)

- What is it like working with Procter & Gamble vs. working with Dunkin'? 

- Neighborhood marketing tips from Justin

- How do you run a laundry business, and how many employees do you need per location? How does Justin's day-to-day schedule look?

- What is the biggest threat to the laundry business?

- What's next for Justin?

And more!



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A Deep Dive on Multi-Brand Franchising With Justin Sharbutt