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Adding a Third Brand: Franchise Growth & Diversification With Anne Marcovecchio

Many people dream of escaping the nine-to-five grind and establishing their business. But how many of them become successful? What does it take to become a thriving entrepreneur? Why venture into franchising? Those are the questions that Erik and his guest, Anne Marcovecchio, are answering today.


Anne has an incredible passion for life, success, and people. This passion led her to an exciting sales career where she spent 23 years as a sales executive working at some of the world’s largest software and technology companies. 


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She joined LinkedIn in May 2010 as employee #19 of the first Chicago-based Enterprise Sales team. During that time, Anne partnered with many enterprise organizations that were embracing LinkedIn solutions to source, hire, and retain the world’s best talent. 


That fantastic experience has prepared Anne for the next journey in her career: running a franchise business full-time.


She first ventured into EWC (European Wax Center) and MY SALON Suite and went on to add a third brand, goGLOW, which makes her a certified “salontrepreneur.”


In this episode, Anne recounts her journey from being a corporate employee to becoming a business owner, how she chose her brands, why she diversified, why founders are crucial to an emerging brand and much more. 


Tune in and be inspired as Anne shares her excitement and the hopes of bringing her success, unmatched experience, and positive spirit as she ventures into her new adventure outside of Corporate America.


“There's competition in any business. It's all about how you position yourself.” - Anne Marcovecchio


In This Episode:

- Anne's background in Corporate America

- Getting involved in her first brand (EWC) and how she grew it

- How Anne found her second brand (MY SALON Suite)

- How to thrive and stand out from the competition

- The difference between being the first to market and second to market

- What makes goGLOW attractive to franchise buyers?

- Steps to diversification and franchise growth 

- How important is getting to know the founder before investing in a brand? 

- What makes someone a good franchisee?

- How to navigate conflicts and tough conversations

- What is it like to take a leap and venture into entrepreneurship?

- Is entering into partnerships a wise business decision?



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Adding a Third Brand: Franchise Growth & Diversification With Anne Marcovecchio