Boutique Health And Fitness Franchise Opportunities With Nutrishop and Restore Franchisee Tim Jolicoeur

On this episode of the Franchise Secrets podcast, Erik is joined by Tim Jolicoeur to talk about his journey with Nutrishop and Restore fitness franchises. From his beginnings in the Marines and starting a flooring business to eventually opening Restore, Tim has found success through his passions

Health and fitness franchise opportunities can be really rewarding

Tim owns several Nutrishop locations and a Restore franchise. After being in the Marines and suffering from severe pain, Tim wanted to help others like him find some relief. Since that time, he’s opened three Nutrishop locations and Restore to provide health and wellness options.

Listen to Erik and Tim talk about fitness franchise opportunities:


Tim’s military background and start with a fitness franchise (1:21)

Time explains why he went into the Marines, how it helped him, and how pain eventually forced him out of the military and into franchising.

Expansion (4:47)

After opening his first Nutrishop location in 2014, Tim has expanded into three units. He explains his journey in expanding the business over the years.

Mental toughness (7:17)

As Tim opened his third location, the SBA loan wasn’t coming through fast enough so he bankrolled the project himself. Erik and Tim talk about where the mental toughness to do that came from.

Opening Restore (8:50)

After having three Nutrishop locations, Tim opened up a completely new franchise called Restore. They do a variety of direct therapies, including IV, stretch, red light, and more. Tim explains the concept and how he got it started.

What lessons have been learned about bigger deals (12:26)

Erik notes that both he and Tim started with smaller businesses before jumping into a bigger and more expensive franchise system. Tim shares some of his insight about what he’s learned from making that jump.

Restore fitness franchise: What they do well and what they don’t  (14:18)

Tim discusses what the Restore franchise does well, including leadership. He also talks about what Restore has struggled with, from communication to a lack of in-house tools.

Becoming part of the solution (16:10)

As Tim and Erik note, the early days of a franchisor can be a little rough around the edges. Instead of complaining or wallowing in defeat, Tim believes being proactive is the first step to finding a solution.

Employees - Crossover (19:05)

Tim opens up about how his leadership crosses over between his fitness franchises, especially as they continue to grow.

Further expansion (20:50)

Erik and Tim talk about how big the businesses are currently and what expansion plans are for both Nutrishop and Restore.

Military and franchising (22:19)

Erik wonders what veterans should know about getting into franchising after they’re done with their military careers. Tim, as a veteran himself, shares his thoughts.

Hours (25:16)

The grind is real and Erik wants to know just how many hours Tim is currently putting into his businesses and where those hours go. Tim says his time is shifting from working in the business and more on the business and himself.

The concept of Restore (29:13)

With so many unique services, Tim details how they create a plan for clients and what some of the services actually are.

Local business networking (31:31)

Networking is one of the best ways to drive customers in the door and help build connections with other businesses. Tim and Erik share some personal stories and insights on how to properly network.

Expanding into a 2nd brand (35:22)

With Tim’s experience opening two different brands, Erik picks his brain for some tips and tricks to ensure the best results as well as what went both right and wrong for him.

Finding passion (40:28)

Not every franchise is going to get your blood pumping with excitement. Erik and Tim explain how everyone can find their passion, even if they aren’t necessarily working in/on a business that excites them.

Favorite charities and books (44:51)

Tim talks about why he supports certain charities and the few books he’d recommend to any entrepreneur or franchisee.


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