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Designing Your Dream Life: Dave Allred’s Path to Financial Freedom and Fulfillment

Imagine you're 17 years old, living with your little brother in a tiny house with no heaters, the roof leaking and caving in, and cockroaches everywhere. The only job you can get is a minimum-wage job at a flag pole factory, so you and your brother lived on fast food and ramen noodles. What will you do to reset the standards of your life? Do you even think you have a chance at a good life? 

When you're down on your luck, it's easier to go on a downhill trajectory than try to get up, but not Dave Allred. Growing up in a dysfunctional and impoverished family, he knew deep down that he had unlimited potential and the power to uplevel his life as long as he was willing to do whatever it would take. 

Fast forward to today, he's living the life he'd only dreamed of with his beautiful family. He built a real estate fund, Axia Partners, and created the Allred Family Foundation. He has multiple investments. Yet, Dave still wakes up every day to remind himself, “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can have what others can’t.” 

In this episode, Dave shares his inspiring journey about creating a life of your design. Erik and Dave also discuss franchising, passive investing, real estate, tax advantage, and parenting. So stick around and be inspired by Dave's incredible adventures in life and business. 


“The motto in our home is: Nothing is given. Everything is earned.” - Dave Allred


In This Episode:

- What pushed Dave to strive to change his life for the better?

- Valuable lessons Dave got from making door-to-door sales

- How Dave invested his money

- Why Dave allowed his 15-year-old daughter to buy a Tesla Model 3 (there's a huge lesson here)

- Does losing money on investments make you a bad investor?

- Dave talks about his investments in multiple brands as a franchisee and a franchisor

- What does Axia Partners do?

And more!



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Designing Your Dream Life: Dave Allred's Path to Financial Freedom and Fulfillment