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The Recipe Behind Dirty Dough’s Success With Bennett Maxwell and Jill Summerhays

Late at night, when you can't sleep or are thinking about something, a choco-chip cookie with a warm glass of milk is your best companion. But what makes cookies so lovable? For one, the smell of freshly baked cookies is so heavenly, and they are so yummy! But mostly, a cookie is your best friend when you just want to be with yourself. That's probably why many people want to learn how to bake cookies. 


To get into the world of cookies, Erik chats with the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Dirty Dough Cookies, the brand that believes that life is better with cookies. Join Erik, Bennett Maxwell, and Jill Summerhays as they discuss what makes cookies a good product, what makes Dirty Dough unique, what you should look for in a brand, and why the mobile business model brings in higher revenue than your regular brick-and-mortar business. 

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Bennett Maxwell is an experienced salesperson who has used this skill since selling candy bars in elementary school. Sharing his sales and business expertise, he is now a Forbes Business Council member and Apex Executives member. 


Bennett is lowering business barriers and raising mental health awareness through his cookie-selling franchise, Dirty Dough. He stands for authenticity and self-acceptance, encouraging others to come as they are. From a business perspective, Bennett is one tough cookie.


Jill Summerhays is the Chief Executive Officer at Dirty Dough Cookies. She manages the day-to-day operations so Bennett can focus on his long-term vision for the business. 


Ready to follow the scent and what your taste buds tell you? Tune in to today's episode of Franchise Secrets!


“We're going to be different, and all our franchisees are always going to have a competitive advantage because corporate invested upfront into a system and a model to allow us to rapidly expand and benefit from economies of scale.” - Bennett Maxwell


“The amount of revenue you can do in a mobile trailer at one good event is significantly more than what you will probably do in multiple days at a brick and mortar.” - Jill Summerhays


In This Episode:

- How Jill got involved in franchising 

- Why Bennett decided to have Jill join the company

- The importance of recognizing what your superpowers are as a business owner

- What makes Dirty Dough suited for mobile operations?

- Bennett's perspective on the mobile operations model

- What are franchisees saying and loving about the mobile operations model?

- Jill and Bennett's advice to franchisors who want to build great relationships with their franchisees

- Are cookies just a fad, or are they here to stay?

- Who are the competitors of Dirty Dough Cookies?

- Things to look for before buying a franchise

And more!



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The Recipe Behind Dirty Dough's Success With Bennett Maxwell and Jill Summerhays