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Franchise Marketing Strategies For Multi-Location Businesses With Madeleine Zook

Have you ever wondered how the biggest and best brands approach their branding strategy, franchise development, employee recruitment, and localized marketing on a daily basis? How do they know what’s working, what’s not, and what else can they do to excel in franchise marketing? Today's guest has some excellent insights for you, whether you're a franchisee or a franchisor. Her advice comes from real-life experiences as a multi-unit, multi-brand franchisee. 

Madeleine (Park) Zook hosts
The Art of Franchise Marketing Podcast, serves as the Director of Marketing at Netsertive, and is the owner and founder of a 501(c) 3 nonprofit. 

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Through Netsertive, Madeleine helps multi-location businesses customize and execute a localized digital marketing program comprising proven digital tactics, processes, and proprietary tech to acquire more local customers online. Their Multi-Location Experience (MLX) Platform creates, deploys, and provides the data to efficiently manage profitable, localized marketing at scale.


“In terms of cross-branding, you have to give each brand, whether you're a franchisor or a franchisee, the attention you would give a newborn.” - Madeleine Zook


In This Episode:

- The idea behind The Franchise Masters

- Who is Madeleine as a franchisee?

- Why some brands do really well while others don't

- How Madeleine makes franchise investing decisions

- Things to consider when planning to buy a franchise

- How well do you know your competitors?

- Lessons learned from investing in multiple brands

- The importance of having a strong marketing budget and strategy

- Madeleine's advice on whether or not you should work with vendors

- What makes Netsertive different from other players in the industry?



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Erik Van Horn is a franchising specialist, and expert in multi-unit, semi-absentee franchise business ownership. From entrepreneur to regional developer, and investor to consultant, Erik has worn many hats over the last two decades, which has provided him unique insight into complex aspects of the industry. If you're a franchisee, a franchisor, or one aspiring to be, subscribe to the Franchise Secrets channel and visit www.FranchiseSecrets.com for even more tactical and practical tools to help you buy, grow, and sell franchises like an expert.

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Franchise Marketing Strategies For Multi-Location Businesses With Madeleine Zook