Franchise Marketing: What Successful Marketing Looks Like

On this episode of the Franchise Secrets podcast, Erik is joined by Jennie Wolff, the chief marketing officer at Sola Salon Studios. Erik and Jennie discuss what makes a successful franchise marketing strategy.

No matter your product or service, being creating and knowing some basics are all you need to create a successful marketing campaign. Jennie details her experiences in marketing -- both for an agency and for Sola Salons -- to explain what good marketing looks like and how franchises can find more success by knowing their story.

Listen to Erik and Jennie talk about franchise marketing:

Jennie’s background and experience (2:43)

Erik and Jennie discuss her background at Sola Salon Studios and some new moves the company has made.

Experience-based marketing agency (9:47)

Erik and Jennie take a step back to her time working with a marketing agency that focused on creating experiences, and how great writing can be the foundation of any marketing strategy. From how her several job interviews with the company went through to specific examples of projects she took on, Jennie breaks down her versatility as a marketer.

Finding vendors in franchise marketing (19:03)

Jennie shares her experience finding various vendors for marketing tasks, from dipping into her own network to using a staffing service. She also explains that not every task needs to be filled permanently.

Franchise marketing at Sola Salons (23:06)

After joining Sola Salons, Jennie was thrown into the fire with franchisees wanting and needing things immediately. She shares some of her first experiences and challenges, as well as how the relationship between marketing and the franchisees has changed over time.

How private equity changed things (30:38)

As Sola Salons was bought out by a private equity firm, things have changed dramatically for Jennie and the marketing department. Bigger budgets and the ability to leverage new software solutions have allowed the marketing strategy to expand dramatically.

What good franchise marketing looks like (33:24)

As Jennie notes, good marketing is all about knowing your customers and how to reach them. She believes being able to get into the head of your customers should be the chief concern for any marketing plan. Erik and Jennie discuss how good storytelling is another major key for any business.

Successful franchise marketing strategies for emerging brands (39:59)

Jennie believes knowing just two things is the foundation for any successful marketing strategy. 1) What makes your product or service special, and 2) Who you’re solving a problem for. Knowing those answers determine your company’s story and that’s the best way to market any emerging brand.


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