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Franchising for Impact: Magen Bynum’s Story With Magnolia Soap and Bath Co

Have you ever visited a store and cannot find your desired product? What do you do? Do you settle for the next best thing? Not for this mom. When Magen Bynum began looking for alternatives for her daughter's sensitive skin, she discovered that most soaps are closer to detergents than traditional soaps. That's when Magen decided to make it her mission to create and provide products with natural alternatives that are not harmful to the skin. 

Magen is the founder and CEO of Magnolia Soap and Bath Co. As an emerging brand with an experienced-based retail concept, Magnolia Soap is looking forward to disrupting the industry with its aggressive margins, highly remarkable customer experience, and leadership-driven culture of assisting business owners to succeed. This culture of leadership has organically attracted every franchisee currently in Magen's system. With 26 open brick-and-mortar locations, 13 different franchisees, and ten corporate stores, Magnolia Soap is eager to expand and grow strategically.

Join Erik and Magen as they discuss what it takes to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams and start a business, even in a small town. They talk about Magen's journey to becoming a franchisor and the ups and downs of that journey while getting a good laugh throughout the conversation. Erik also shared a fun fact about his name, which he had never told anyone. So be among the first to know!


“We always overcame all those hard struggles just one day at a time.” - Magen Bynum


In This Episode:

- Who is Magen Bynum, and where did she get her entrepreneurial drive?

- When did Magen have her first business idea, and what did she do about it?

- Lessons learned from working in a car dealership 

- How Magen continued her entrepreneurial pursuit by venturing into the salon business

- How does a good franchise founder think before they even become the founder of a brand?

- What was it like starting the first Magnolia Soap and Bath Co. branch?

- What do you do when you only have 37 cents left in your business bank account?

- When did the thought of opening the second branch come, and what was it like?

- At what point did Magen venture into franchising?

- How many franchises has Megan sold so far? 

And more!


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Franchising for Impact: Magen Bynum's Story With Magnolia Soap With Magnolia Soap and Bath Co