Franchising Mighty Dog Roofing, With Founder Jon Sabo

On this episode of the Franchise Secrets podcast, Erik is joined by another member of the Mighty Dog Roofing family -- founder Jon Sabo. The guys talk about the partnership between Mighty Dog Roofing and Horsepower Brands, why Jon chose Erik and Horsepower Brands and what sets them apart from the others, the decision to start franchising the company, and forming an emerging brand.

For anyone thinking of either buying a franchise or franchising your company, this is a must-listen episode. It’s packed with great insight on things like rapid growth, partnerships, and the challenges faced along the way.

Listen to Erik and Jon talk about Mighty Dog Roofing:


Lifestyle business (2:45)

Erik and Jon talk about what Mighty Dog Roofing initially was and some of the reasons why they decided to franchise and expand fast.

Why choose Horsepower Brands (3:26)

With his business already established but a desire to grow quickly, Jon teamed up with Erik and Horsepower brands. He explains the rationale for his pick.

You don’t know what you don’t know (5:55)

Every business faces challenges but by teaming up with Erik and Horsepower Brands, Jon was able to circumvent some of those before they ever became problems. He shares some of the things that he’s glad he had an experienced partner to help him out with.

Going alone vs. Partnering (10:33)

Having seen insane growth in a short time, Jon believes it would have taken him years to get to where Mighty Dog Roofing is right now.

Slow vs. Fast growth (13:38)

There’s risk with the rapid growth of a franchise. Jon shares his thoughts on choosing fast growth compared to slower growth.

Advice for those thinking about franchising their business (17:09)

For those that already have an established business and are thinking about franchising it, there are things you should consider. Having gone through it himself, Jon details what business owners should consider before pulling the trigger.

The ethical draw (19:14)

When Jon was thinking about partnering with another brand to grow Mighty Dog Roofing, it was the integrity he saw in Erik and Horsepower Brands that drew him to them.

Jon’s role in the company (20:23)

Jon has taken a new role within Mighty Dog Roofing, training franchisees.

Focusing franchisees (21:38)

When coaching franchisees on what’s needed to run and grow a successful business, there is sometimes a need to refocus them on the most important parts of the business. Erik and Jon talk about what they look for to determine that refocusing is needed and how they coach the franchisees up.

Why franchise (23:00)

Despite a pretty comfortable life with money in the bank, Jon explains his decision to start franchising and growing the brand, requiring more work and time.

Jon’s background (24:00)

Jon explains the work he did prior to starting Mighty Dog Roofing, including his time in the Marines.

What makes Mighty Dog Roofing different? (28:03)

Good brands are built on the idea that they do something unique and above the others in that space. For Mighty Dog Roofing, Jon believes it’s the company’s ability to stay ahead of the curve.

Last bits of advice (32:06)

Jon shares the few things that he thinks franchisees and franchisors should know, including the importance of open communication.


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