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How to Be a Great Salesperson by Asking the Right Questions With Phil M Jones

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Have you ever walked into a store where the salesperson immediately gave you a pitch for their latest product without asking what you need first? Many salespeople assume they know what the customer needs. But instead of making assumptions, the best way to approach a prospect is to ask better questions and make the conversation count. 


A great salesperson asks the right questions, which puts the focus on the customer. By asking questions, the salesperson helps the buyer discover their needs. To help you sell more effectively, Erik invites you to tune in to his conversation with Phil M Jones.

Phil is a best-selling author of 7 business books and one gorgeous children’s book. He had his first business at just 14 years of age and is the youngest recipient of the “British Excellence in Sales and Marketing” award.  


Phil is a sought-after advisor to global brands, creator of the most listened-to non-fiction audiobook of all time, and a firm believer that almost every problem could be prevented or solved if more people just knew EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY. He passionately believes that the answer to increased success in every area of life is to ask better questions.


“If you can create a problem that's 10X bigger than your fee, asking for money is easy.” - Phil M Jones


In This Episode:

- What was the inspiration behind Phil's book?

- How does AI impact your philosophy on sales and other things?

- How do you get the most value out of AI?

- How to get better at sales by asking the right questions

- How much does fear play into the franchise sales process?

- What's the intersection between sales and marketing?

- Would you hire someone with a sales background or someone who does not have a sales background but is teachable, coachable, and personable?

- Examples of the questions to ask when an inbound call comes in

- What's the hardest thing to sell?

- How does a sales manager hire and help someone believe in the product they will sell?

- How should a franchise buyer move forward in the sales process as they talk to a salesperson who asks the right questions?

- How to learn more about Phil


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How to Be a Great Salesperson by Asking the Right Questions With Phil M Jones