Keeping Momentum with Customers and Sales with Human Communications Institute’s CEO Michael Bernoff

In Franchise Secrets, Episode 38, we discuss many topics that dive deep into maintaining the growth of a franchise. Michael Bernoff, a good friend, businessman, sales coach and communication expert joins us to teach on key essentials such as marketing, proper sales techniques, personal influence and persuasion. Michael helps by role-playing real-life scenarios and how to overcome many of the obstacles when it comes to dealing with and building a clientele for franchises. Michael extends on important factors such how to handle presales, how to gain commitment from customers, how to get employees on board with sale tactics and much more. Michael has helped companies and owners really find a way to strive their businesses in a way many might struggle with.


 Outline of This Episode: 

(01:34) The Importance of Communication

(06:12) How to Handle Presales

(16:01) How to Gain Commitment

(18:00) How to Get Employees on Board With Sales

(36:44) The Truth on Obtaining Referrals

(42:55) Achieving Retention from Clientele

(43:10) How The Mindset Plays a Role in Sales

(54:46) Learning How Reframing Helps

(56:04) Creating Momentum

Customer and Sale Essentials 

Without steady momentum, how do we go about handling customers and sales? To successfully run a franchise, owners must be able to obtain and maintain customers. Often, this is an obstacle for owners. We know as franchise owners; we must market and educate. However, once we have done these steps, we must also be able to obtain customers, sell our product or service and most importantly retain these customers. Michael will help us in this episode to better understand how to obtain these essentials.

The Importance of Communication 

Michael is an expert on communication and believes that communication is an underappreciated key when it comes to successfully running an organization. He helps to remind us of the important communication can play in our everyday life, especially in the business world.

How to Handle Presales and Customer Commitment  

Presales is a factor that many franchise owners want to achieve. Many franchise owners want to get clientele informed and excited, even before a franchise may open. As an owner, we all want that guarantee and interest from customers. Michael helps teach us many unique and effective ways to go about keeping customers intrigued, while also keeping them pleased although the business might not yet be open. Commitment from customers before and after a business opening is something that keeps a franchise afloat. We discuss real life scenarios and learn effective ways on how to achieve customer commitment.

Getting Employees on Board 

There are many times that franchises must hire certain personnel for a job, which may not include sales experience or interest. For example, personal trainers, massage therapists, etc. Getting these employees excited and passionate about the sales portion of their job is an obstacle many owners may face. Michael helps us to look outside the box and find ways to get employees on board.

The Truth on Obtaining Referrals 

Referrals are a major part of a successful business. Sometimes we may find it socially uneasy receiving or giving referrals. Many times, you may find that others look at referrals as a sale, or some may not know how to ask for referrals. However, we all know referrals is a great way of marketing. If you want referrals, you must be able to give outstanding services. If others are putting their name out there for you, and vice versa… the service must be incredible to keep both peoples, and company’s reputation good. Michael helps us get a little more comfortable with the referral process and guides us on how to properly approach referrals.


We all know that having clientele, or customers is the only way to keep a business functioning. Often, we are too focused on getting customers, that we put keeping the customers we currently have on the back burner. Retention is huge when it comes to a successful business practice. Having retention, not only gives you that guaranteed loyal clientele, it also provides people with the understanding that you know how to keep your customers happy. During this episode, we learn a lot from Michael on how to dig deeper and really achieve the retention that is so important for companies to have.

Mindset, Reframing and Momentum 

Mindset, reframing and momentum are three aspects that Michael touches base on during this episode. All three aspects, pertaining to the growth and maintenance of a franchise. Michael shares the importance of the mindset from the owner, all the way down to each and every employee and even customers. Michael explains how getting everyone in the right mindset can result in everybody winning.

Reframing is a term many might not be familiar with. We discuss what reframing means and what happens when you reframe your company in a customer’s eyes.

Momentum is important to create through out an organization. Momentum can keep a company in constant growth. Michael states that, “I find the momentum is the key to franchisee’s success.” Let Michael help us get our mindset in the right place and help us increase our momentum for the growth of our franchises.

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