Life Ambushes of Leadership with author and Wounded Wear’s founder Jason Redman

In Franchise Secrets, Episode 37, I bring in Jason Redman, to discuss leadership. Jason Redman is a former Navy Seal, who has written two books. One called Overcome and the other called The Trident. Both books inform the truths on life ambushes and how to overcome adversity.  Jason has also ventured into and has experience in the business owning industry. Leadership is a key component in being a franchise owner. Jason gives us excellent insight on leadership when it comes to family, military, business and other real-life instances. Listening to Jason’s stories and hearing his philosophies has really put leadership into a new perspective. Jason shares with us how his leadership skills were not always the way they are today, that he learned through experience, as well as trial and error.


Outline of This Episode: 

(02:01) Leadership is a Never Ending Journey 

(08:56) Lessons Learned About Leadership Through Jason’s Experience 

(19:53) The Three Rules of Leadership 

(33:36) Hard days Versus Life Ambushes  

(34:49) The Pentagon of Peak Performance  

(35:43) How Perspective Delivers Ability to Leaders 

(38:50) The React Methodology  

(45:26) How to go From Being a Leader to Being Led 

(48:32) The Pyramid of Change and How it is Critical to Leaders 

(51:17) Leaders at The 1% Level 

Lessons About Leadership  

I am excited to bring on experienced Navy Seal and book author, Jason Redman to episode 37 of Franchise Secrets. Jason is the author of Overcome as well as The Trident. While talking with Jason, he shared some very valuable lessons that he learned on leadership through his experience as a Navy Seal and business owner. Jason was not always an ideal leader, he struggled through ups and downs before tackling the achievement of being an ideal leader. He shares with us some unreal truths about his experience in the battle against Afghanistan and Al Qaeda. As well as his past mistakes with being a leader and how it has helped to mold him into the leader he is today. 

The Three Rules, The Pentagon of Peak Performance, The Pyramid of Change and The React Method 

Jason has a few philosophies that can help one achieve great leadership. One of these being, The Three Rules of Leadership. These rules consist of one, lead yourself. The second rule being, to lead others. The third rule is to always lead. Jason dives deeper into these rules in our episode.  

The Pentagon of Peak Performance consists of five key areas, physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual leadership.  

The Pyramid of Change is taught through one of Jason’s books and is critical because it helps to break down the different levels of leadership and how each one will result in a different amount of success.  

The React Method is broken down for leaders to understand the important that comes with recognition, evaluation, assessing, choosing and communication and taking action. 

Perspective Changes Leadership 

Perspective plays a role in our everyday lives and being able to fully understand what is going on around us. Just like in our everyday lives, perspective is important when it comes to leadership. Perspective allows us to see all sides to something, allows us to relate, understand and learn. These are all things that can make or break one as a leader. Let Jason tell you about how he was able to flip the switch on his perspective and the difference it brought to him. 

How to Be A Leader and Be Led 

Most find that when they are the leader, they are in charge. It is hard to be a leader and still have the ability to be led by others. However, everyone needs leading sometimes to be successful. I asked Jason about his obstacles when it came to being able to balance both being a leader and being led. Even with all of Jason’s experience, knowledge and success in the business world, he is able to provide us with the importance that comes with letting your leader walls down and allowing others to take the lead. Jason shares extraordinary stories relating to leadership through family, friends, military and the business world.  

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