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Partnering for Success: Alex Yeater and Drew Brees’ Secrets to Building a Thriving everbowl Franchise

Is it better to run a business alone or with a partner? Of course, there are pros and cons to both. However, partnerships certainly offer fantastic benefits. Take Alex Yeater, for example. He is an everbowl Area Representative who has partnered with people to build something bigger. 

Alex is an Area Representative with everbowl in the Midwest, South, and Southeast. He and his wife of almost 20 years, Kelli, have four sons between the ages of 18 and 5. Before everbowl, Alex and his business partner Mitch grew a Wireless Zone franchise from 2 stores to 32 before exiting in 2021. In 2022, Alex and Mitch partnered with Drew Brees to form EB Masters, one of the largest Area Representative companies in the US.

By forming partnerships, major franchise investors can tap into the existing expertise of owners and operators, adopt proven best practices, and expand into new markets by leveraging their resources and complementing each other's skill sets.

But where can you find people who share your passion? How do you form genuine connections and build partnerships? Alex and Erik share valuable insights into this topic, so make sure to catch this episode!


“Long-term partnerships, they're like marriages, man. The first couple of years were hard, trying to figure out what was my role, what was his role. Now we've really gotten into this groove.” - Alex Yeater

In This Episode:

- A quick story on how Alex left the cellphone business and got into franchising

- What makes a partnership work well?

- What is it like being business partners with Drew Brees, and how do you manage expectations when partnering with someone with star power?

- Alex talks about the benefits of joining the Mastermind Group (other than meeting Erik)
And more!



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Partnering for Success: Alex Yeater and Drew Brees' Secrets to Building a Thriving everbowl Franchise