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Proven Strategies That Will Make You an Unstoppable Entrepreneur with The Muscle Keaton Hoskins

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What does it take to succeed in multiple business ventures? How do you become massively successful in all areas of your life?


Let's find out from Keaton Hoskins. You may recognize him as ‘The Muscle’ from the hit TV show Diesel Brothers. But who is the man behind The Muscle?

Keaton lost his dad at age 21, which flipped a switch that led him to launch 35 successful businesses, including a cookie company, a dental office, a plastic surgery, an apparel company, a sports supplements store, a marketing agency, and sports training facilities.


His unstoppable mental mindset has outsold every event he has ever run. His events attract legendary speakers. His biggest pride and joy is his Limitless Society club, which has grown to over a thousand members in less than a year and produced eight millionaires (one worth $35 million).


Keaton's success story isn't just limited to financial prosperity. He has incorporated his principles of success into every aspect of his life, finding true happiness and fulfillment by being a great father, husband, friend, and citizen of society. His understanding of human nature and infectious energy makes him one of the most sought-after speakers and mentors today.


Join Erik and Keaton as they talk about becoming limitless and building your dreams as an entrepreneur. They also discuss the importance of influence and networking. So tune in and take advantage of the insights in today's episode of Franchise Secrets!



“I truly believe that everybody's limitless, and the only limit that we put on ourselves are the ones in our mind, and they're not real.” - Keaton Hoskins


In This Episode:

- Who is Keaton Hoskins, and what is his story?

- The importance of building your brand and influence to grow your business

- Does the “giveaway model” still work today? What's the best way to spread the word about it?

- How did Keaton get involved with Dirty Dough?

- Why Keaton believes that having the least number of people is the best way to run a business 

- Where does Keaton invest his money? Does he invest passively?

- What does Keaton think about hard money? 

- How does Keaton manage his multiple businesses? Where does he spend the majority of his time?

- What does Keaton do for fun?

- What is it like being a part of amazing circles and spending time with people who play the game at a high level?

- How do you intentionally give value, and what result does it bring?

- What is it like to attend an event hosted by Keaton?

- How does Keaton keep his A-level game?

- Keaton shares his best advice for anyone wanting to build a successful business

And more!


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Proven Strategies That Will Make You an Unstoppable Entrepreneur with The Muscle Keaton Hoskins