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Scaling Against the Odds: Derek Landino’s Franchising Story

How do you define success, and what are you doing to achieve it? Many people equate money and power with success. For others, it's the freedom to choose how you want to spend your days. Success is a very personal thing. What drives one entrepreneur may not be the same thing that drives you. Success in life is whatever you define it to be. 


So, what does it take to be successful? For Derek Landino, self-education, taking action, and building relationships are key ingredients to his success in franchising. Today, he walks you through how he started franchising and how to overcome the challenges that come with it. From structuring deals to financing your locations, Derek shares valuable lessons you want to take advantage of, especially if you plan to become a franchise owner. 

In this episode, he imparts incredible tips for new and aspiring franchisees. Tune in and discover strategic steps you can take as you start building your business from the ground up. 


Derek has been married for fifteen years to his wife, Katie, with whom he has two kids. Derek's work experience includes D2D sales and management for ten years. He co-founded a solar company which a large national brand later acquired. 


Derek is currently a multi-unit Everbowl and Burn Boot Camp Gym franchisee. Scaling two brands simultaneously, Derek's vision is to grow an empire, and no one can stop him!


“Burn was the scariest decision I've ever made because it was the first time I invested in someone other than myself. I had to trust and believe in my wife.” - Derek Landino


In This Episode:

- How Derek and his wife got involved in franchising

- Building relationships with local banks, structuring deals, and overcoming the challenges of starting and growing a business

- Where can you get funding for your business, and what is the approval process (SBA, Home Equity, Local Banks)? 

- How to minimize your tax exposure as a franchise owner or franchisor

And more!



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Erik Van Horn is a franchising specialist, and expert in multi-unit, semi-absentee franchise business ownership. From entrepreneur to regional developer, and investor to consultant, Erik has worn many hats over the last two decades, which has provided him unique insight into complex aspects of the industry. If you're a franchisee, a franchisor, or one aspiring to be, subscribe to the Franchise Secrets channel and visit www.FranchiseSecrets.com for even more tactical and practical tools to help you buy, grow, and sell franchises like an expert.

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Scaling Against the Odds: Derek Landino's Franchising Story