Starting, Growing and Scaling a Franchise From Scratch, with Row House owners Debra Strougo and Eric Von Frohlich

Do you currently own a business and consider expanding your business into a franchise? Or are you considering getting into the franchise industry? In this week’s episode, we welcome Debra Strougo and Eric Von Frohlich, a couple who created the fitness business called, the Row House. They took the pivot to turn their business into a franchise. This couple who started their business ownership as a mom and pop standpoint and completely transformed into a successful franchise gives us some awesome insight on growing and scaling a franchise.


Debra and Eric share their story and express the importance and secrets of partnership and working together. We also discover the battles they had and the different routes they considered taking for their business. This couple expresses how they overcame situations, fought to stick with their original intention, created partnerships, articulated patience, and handled all situations critically, which ultimately lead them to success. Debra and Eric share with us some core competencies that are of much value for everyone currently in or considering the franchise industry as a business opportunity.


Outline of This Episode:

(08:04) How The Compatibility of The Couple’s Partnership Benefited Their Business

(14:24) Maintaining Focus & Core Competencies

(15:41) Their Passion Lead Them To Franchising

(16:54) How Family and Franchising Align

 (22:35) Realize the Patience and Importance of Partnerships

(24:05) Being Passionate and Flexible For a Franchise is Key

(25:39) The Reasons and Outcomes to Always Thinking Critically and Strategically

(28:18) Driving The Ship with a Franchise

(31:31) The Truths About Aligning and Investing in Partnerships

The Path to Franchising 

This week I am excited to welcome the couple, Debra Strougo and Eric Von Frohlich, franchise owners of Row House. There are many organizations, companies or small businesses that have stumbled upon the thought of expanding, but often don’t know what path to take. If you have ever considered the path of franchising, you will benefit from hearing about Debra and Eric’s story. Debra and Eric started off as a mom and pop shop, they had a vision and a plan, their next step was to find the right path to take to properly execute it. The path they chose, which quickly lead them to success, was becoming a franchise company. Their story is motivating for many, because it demonstrates how their successful franchise started from scratch, and how utilizing nothing more than each other, their visions and passions eventually lead them to the place they had always dreamed about.


Choosing to Franchise and the Components 

In this episode, we learn the reasons why this couple chose the franchising route, the components involved and how it ended up benefiting them. The couple goes over many aspects of their life, goals and core competencies that overall lead them to franchising. Partnerships, networking, family, patience, working together, passion, ability to delegate and staying both structured and disciplined are all topics that they help uncover the truths about this week.


Is Franchising for You  

Have you ever questioned if franchising is the right route for you? Do you ever wonder if you or your company has what it takes to succeed using this route? Hearing how this couple transitioned from a mom and pop company, to a franchise is not only inspiring, but it illustrates good insight on the discovery of if you have what it takes. We see through this episode, that even small companies have the ability to expand through franchising. Debra and Eric help us see that having a passion, a plan, trusted partners and staying focused are contributing characteristics used to align with the franchising path. We get an inside look on how successful things, such as making the pivot towards turning into a franchise takes time and comes with many core competencies we should carry. If you want to learn more about these core competencies and discover what it takes to be a good fit for turning into a franchise, I highly recommend tuning in on this intriguing and educating background on how Debra and Eric reached success through franchising.



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