Taking Control with Fit Body Bootcamp’s founder Bedros Kueilian

Have you ever struggled with being in control? We all want to be in control. However, understanding both how to properly be in control and the depth and results that come with being in control of our surroundings is something we often are blind to. This week’s episode our guest is Bedros Keuilian. Bedros is the founder of the franchise, Fit Body Bootcamp. Bedros has an interesting background, followed by an immaculate outcome of success. He managed to turn his life around with hard work and control.

Bedros shares with us his journey to the United States and the struggles he went through with his family. We get to learn the basis of what drives Bedros’s success and urge for control. Control is something we must be able to balance in order run a successful franchise. Bedros shares with us the many obstacles and struggles he experienced through opening and running a franchise. The endgame to his success leads back to how he overcame control in all areas of his life. In this week’s episode, we learn that we must have control over many different aspects in our life that will lead us to having success in our franchises or organizations.


Outline of This Episode

(04:42) Bedros’s Background and Inability to be a Fake Entrepreneur

(08:26) How Fit Body Boot Camp Transformed

(10:20) The Importance of Relying on Mentors

(14:31) How Being Obsessed and Taking Control Leads to Success

(24:09) How to Properly Obtain Friendships and Mentors

(25:14) Bedros’s Outlook on College and Education

(29:25) Taking Control and Balancing Your Foundation, Such as Family

(32:20) How to Obtain a Regimented, Controlled Lifestyle

(38:25) Work Life balance VS. Work life Mix

(43:03) The Zone of Genius and its Affects on Taking Control


From Struggles to Success 

I am excited to welcome Bedros Kueilian to this week’s show. Bedros is the founder and owner of Fit Body Bootcamp. I am inspired by Bedros’s story, because he was not handed success on a golden platter. Bedros shares his real-life experiences on how he turned his life around. Bedros and his family have an interesting story on how they made it into the United States. Life was not simple for them at first. They went through things, that most people could not imagine. Bedros took control of every situation in his life, leading him to success. He shares with us this week how to take control, what to take control over and his personal up and down experiences in the franchise world. His organization, Fit Body Bootcamp is now a successful business with 800 locations, they have hit the Inc 500 list for the last five years, as well as the magazine’s 500 fastest growing franchises in the last two years. We explore that even though Bedros started off with hardships in his life, he has developed some impressive work ethic, success and control over every aspect of his life, which has led him to be where he is today. Bedros is a perfect, real life example of how taking control can not only contribute to major success, but also allow relief to all aspects of your life while running a franchise.


The Impact of Relying on Mentors 

One avenue to Bedros’s success, is his mentors. He shares with us the impact that the mentors have made in his life. Mentors are not always someone you pay to advise you. Mentors can be found through various platforms. Often times, we find ourselves feeling so knowledgeable or comfortable that we feel we do not need a mentor. Say we find a mentor, is this striping us of control, or is it contributing to our control? Where do we even begin to find a mentor? Bedros gives us an inside look on how he found his mentors that have helped him from the beginning, through transformations of his company, up until today. Listening to how he obtained his mentors, how he relies on them and the difference they brought to his life should encourage everyone to feel confident obtaining mentors to rely on.


Obtaining a Regimented and Controlled Lifestyle 

Having a regimented and controlled lifestyle has brought success to Bedros. Many of us might be stuck on how to obtain this sort of control in our life and within our franchises. I am excited that Bedros expresses the steps to take to achieve this type of control. If you find yourself in over your head, muddled with so much work, loosing grip of your personal life, or being unable to separate or prioritize the facets surrounding you, I highly recommend tuning into this week’s show and picking up some vital pointers Bedros shares with us.


Perspective is Everything 

Many of us struggle with work life balance, maintaining healthy relationships outside of work, channeling our obsessions, or even simple things, like properly communicating. All of these factors are important to take control over. The first step to taking control over these is, perspective. Minor perspective changes can make a world of difference. For example, rather than looking at employees, as employees, Bedros looks at them as team members. Rather than looking at his organization and trying to create a work life balance, he looks to create a work life mix. These perspectives of his alone illustrates his ability to change a challenge with his perspective and control.  Tune in this week to let Bedros help change our perspectives, while also inspiring and educating us on how taking control.


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