Talking Family Business With Jerel And Heather Tomasello

On this episode of the Franchise Secrets podcast, Erik is joined by Heather and Jerel Tomasello to talk about working with family in business. As a husband and wife pair, Heather and Jerel have reached big heights in the world of franchising. They’ve also had to deal with the difficulties being business partners brings and how that impacts their relationship.

Managing the balance of family and business is key in a family business

Jerel and Heather discuss how they got started in franchising, why they choose the franchising model despite having business experience, and how they’ve managed to balance family and business.

Listen to Erik, Jerel, and Heather talk about family business:


Getting started (4:39)

Heather and Jerel discuss their background and how they decided to start a business together.

Working together (4:31)

Heather and Jerel explain how they figured out each others’ strengths and weaknesses in business and how they best worked together as a pair.

Spouse, not employee (9:00)

Jerel and Heather share the difficulties of working together as business partners and spouses, including the times when the two don’t mesh well together. They talk about how they’ve been able to work out those bumps and Erik shares his own experiences.

What businesses are they in now (15:38)

Jerel and Heather talk about what they’re currently doing in business.

Going from corporate to entrepreneurship (19:17)

Jerel went from working for a franchisor back into entrepreneurship. He tells Erik how working on both sides has allowed him to know what he wants.

Balancing business and family (22:14)

Heather and Jerel have worked hard to balance their business side with their family and how much to bring their children into the mix.

Pushing children into business (28:25)

Erik, Heather, and Jerel talk about when and how parents should teach their children about business.

Why buy a franchise? (31:42)

With Jerel and Heather having business experience before starting a franchise, Erik wants to know why they chose franchising.

Using the franchise community to your benefit (35:16)

Erik notes how some people don’t take advantage of the wealth of experience in the franchising community. Heather and Jerel discuss their own experiences and why they believe it happens.

Getting into a new system (37:16)

Jerel discusses what he likes about the Joe Homebuyers franchise and what he does to pick up the most knowledge possible in a new system.

Consuming content (40:19)

As Jerel notes, everyone doesn’t have to have all the information but knowing where to get it and sharing it among franchisees provides real value.

Remaining wisdom (43:57)

Heather and Jerel share a few parting thoughts


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