The 6 Essential Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs With ‘Traction’ Author Gino Wickman

On this episode of the Franchise Secrets podcast, Erik is joined by Gino Wickman. You might know Gino as the author of “Traction” and the creator of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). His decades of experience offer an amazing insight into what makes a successful entrepreneur.

Erik and Gino go into great detail about the six traits that entrepreneurs have and how to know whether you’ve got them. Gino also shares his views on glimpse, clarity, and path to help entrepreneurs become more successful.

Listen to Erik and Gino talk about the traits of successful entrepreneurs:

Gino Wickman’s background (1:24)

Gino gives the highlights of his career and where most people will likely know him from.

How young is too young to start? (3:39)

Gino believes there’s no such thing as “too young” to learn to be an entrepreneur. Gino shares an example of a young kid who even went as far as to franchise his lemonade stand with his friends.

Book outline (4:48)

Erik and Gino discuss the three main topics found in his book, detailing what readers will take away from it and the notion that not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.

The 6 essential traits of entrepreneurs (7:18)

Over his decades in business and working with entrepreneurs, Gino found there are six essential traits they all share in common. Erik and Gino discuss those traits and the range of entrepreneurs that exist.

Passionate (15:39)

One of the essential traits of entrepreneurs is known as “passionate.” Gino breaks down what that means, what it looks like, and the importance of the trait.

Do people evolve? (20:15)

Erik and Gino talk about the evolution of entrepreneurs. Though they have the essential traits already, Gino believes entrepreneurs gain more clarity and confidence as they move forward and embrace their traits.

Clarity (22:09)

Gino gives an example of what clarity looks like and how it comes about in entrepreneurs.

Glimpse (25:52)

Once you’ve taken the assessment and found that you have the six essential traits of entrepreneurs, it’s time for the “glimpse” stage. As Gino notes, it’s an opportunity to see both sides of the entrepreneur coin -- the good and the bad -- and learn the ropes

Path (39:04)

Gino shares the outline for Path, including the key chapters, 10-year thinking, and making better decisions.

Getting advice (43:15)

It can be so easy to get bad advice. However, Gino believes that knowing yourself and making 10-year decisions could mean you don’t even need to ask for outside advice.


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