The Impact of Public Relations for Franchises with Fishman PR’s owners Sherri and Brad Fishman

Public relations have a lot to do with obtaining successful franchises. How many of you are intrigued with the public relation side and how it helps contribute with franchises? This week’s episode we have two guests joining us, Brad and Sherri Fishman. The Fishman’s own an organization called Fishman PR. They help business owners all over the world. The Fishman’s not only own a PR company for customers to hire, but they also do conferences all over to help and educate current and future franchise owners.

Brad and Sherri have been in the franchise world for over twenty years now. They have in depth experience about public relations and how to help companies achieve greatness through various platforms. They share in this episode many contributing aspects. One being the major changes they have noticed over the years in the way that PR can affect franchises. They share their insight on the importance and success their company brings to franchisees.


Outline of This Episode

(05:54) Suppliers support and Relationships with Franchises Have an Impact

(08:30) How Fishman PR Helps Their Customers

(17:04) How Influencers Can Be a Businesses Backbone

(20:56) The Importance of Ambassadors

(24:18) The Fishman’s Process with Helping Customers

(27:06) Talking to Franchisees Before Buying a Franchise is Key

(31:19) How To Track and Obtain ROI (Return on Investment)

(37:35) The Inside Look on Fishman’s Conferences

(44:42) How to Handle Second and Third Generation Involvement

Public Relation Support for Franchises 

This week we welcome the owners of Fishman PR, Sherri and Brad. In this show, we discuss the importance and process that public relation plays within a franchise. The Fishman’s have been in the franchise industry for over 20 years. They share they’re knowledge with us in hope that we can take away some great avenues to pursue when growing our franchises. Sherri and Brad dive into brand awareness, guidance and support, influencers impact and shares their companies outstanding process in assisting new or existing franchise owners.

The Foundation of Fishman PR 

Sherri and Brad began Fishman PR from their bedroom, over the years they have grown to be a successful organization supporting franchisors all over the world. The passion that Sherri and Brad have in this process, is what brings such success to their company and clients. The Fishman’s do conferences solely to help spread valuable information to others seeking it. Fishman PR focuses of supporting franchises, building business models, understanding the customer’s goals and leading franchises to success.

Ambassadors and Influencers 

As we dig into the platform of public relations, we discover how key ambassadors and influencers are to an organization.  In today’s society, social media and word of mouth play a big part in advertising a brand. Learning how to find influences in your own marketplace help franchises get in front their target audience, Sherri and Brad help us understand the tools with ambassadors and influencers.

Fishman’s Process 

Fishman PR has been known for giving franchises the jump start they need. They go through a in depth and dependable process. This process consists of assistance with grand openings, press release, idea pitches, coordinating events, TV segments, media training, constant communication with clients and much more. After meeting the Fishman’s, I one hundred percent believe in their process and passion they bring to franchises. I encourage you all to tune into this week’s podcast to understand and take advantage of some of the opportunity’s PR has to offer a business.

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