The Mighty Dog Roofing Franchise Journey With New Franchisee Chris Rahill

On this special episode of the Franchise Secrets podcast, Erik talks with one of Mighty Dog Roofing’s newest franchisees, Chris Rahill. In what will be a multi-part series, Erik and Chris will go through every step of the franchise process -- From discovery day and buying the franchise, and eventually operating the business.

Hear Chris’s excitement, his fears, and his experience buying and running a franchise as he goes through it. Though he’s just beginning now, follow Chris on his journey as a Mighty Dog Roofing franchisee for his unique insight on everything to do with the franchise.

Listen to Erik and Chris talk about his franchise journey:

Chris’ background in the corporate world (1:27)

Having just left his corporate job to buy a Mighty Dog Roofing franchise, Chris details his experience in finance.

Discovery day (3:21)

Chris shares his experience with the discovery process before buying a franchise and what he’s seen during the discovery day for Mighty Dog Roofing

Franchisor’s perspective (17:36)

With Chris’s side of the story down, Erik shares what it was like as the franchisor during discovery day and beyond, signing franchisees up.

Signing agreements and wiring funds (22:00)

With a decision made to buy a Mighty Dog Roofing franchise, Chris talks about what was going through his mind signing the agreements, wiring money over, and officially becoming an owner of a franchise.

Getting advice (24:18)

It’s a big decision to buy a franchise and getting advice from others is a sound strategy. Erik and Chris talk about where he got his advice and why it’s important to go to people where you want to be.

The leadership team (34:09)

As Chris notes, he wanted to own his own business and he wanted to go with people that have already been there at the highest levels. He explains how Mighty Dog Roofing’s leadership team was a big sell for him.

Last bits of wisdom (37:38)

Before closing out the interview, Chris shares some of his insight for anyone looking to buy a franchise.


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