The Secrets and Impact of Gifting, with Giftology author John Ruhlin

Are you interested in creating new relationships, increasing client retention or even becoming a priority to others? My guest in this week’s episode has all of the answers on how to properly achieve each and every one of these. John Ruhlin, bestselling author of Giftology and a new friend of mine joins us to share how he has reached success with obtaining customers as well as building relationships and retention with them.


In franchising, we all want loyalty, retention, new customers and referrals. How many of you ever stop to consider that gift giving could be the turning point in achieving these? John is a big believer in gift giving. He also has many successful experiences and facts that back up his beliefs. Gift giving is more in depth than many of us business owners ever consider. Are you gifting the right people, the right gifts, or gifting at the right time? With this week’s podcast, we are able to obtain some critical tips on how to take the right avenue and turn our gift giving into a beneficial investment for both our businesses and long-term relationships.


Outline of This Episode 

(03:29) The Simple Truth & Start of Giftology

(19:18) How to Properly Gift Employees

(20:40) The Importance of Sending Gifts to External People

(24:16) Obtaining Specific Relationships Through Gifts and Being Patient

(27:24) The Benefit of Taking Risks and Not Putting a Limit on Gifts

(28:13) Being Different can Obtain New Results

(31:22) Thoughtful Gifts Over Swag Gifts

(33:43) How to Properly Gift

(43:05) Consider the Inner Circle

Gifting Builds Relationships 

As we uncover the secrets and tips behind gift giving, we learn that this act is a key component in building and maintaining relationships. If we want anything from access, new clients, retention, happy employees, loyalty, or a specific person’s attention in our organization… gift giving is the way to obtain and maintain these avenues. It may sound so simple. Give a gift, and I can obtain all of these components? Unfortunately, there is a much deeper truth behind gift giving. There are effective and noneffective ways to go about gift giving, and John is here to help guide us in the correct direction.


Properly Putting Thoughts into Gift Giving 

More often than not, when we are thinking of gifts… we take the quick or less thoughtful route. Sometimes, we find ourselves having so many people to gift or so much on our plate, we tend to push the gift aspect to the back of our priority list. Then we resort to the quick and easy route, such as gift cards. This is where we make our first mistake in building and maintaining these relationships. Another mistake we make is timing of the gift. We often send gifts to all of our important people during a special time, such as Christmas or birthdays. Who we gift is another thing we must consider. We often consider our top dogs, but in order to obtain successful traits across the board, we must dig deeper than just the top dogs. John has extensive knowledge on how to put thought into gifting and how to make it stand out to the receiver.


Being Different and Gifting Leads to Success 

For any of you that think this a minor key to success, you are wrong. Gift giving might seem minute, but it gives us the ability to be different. If we want new results, we must take new actions. Gift giving is more than a check off your box. So many of us have a list of people in mind, and we check them off as we go down a long list with sending them all the same gift, at the same time. How many of you stop to think, if I were different than the others with my gift giving, I could reach more success? If you are not asking yourself these questions, or taking action to make a change from the ordinary gift giving… I strongly encourage you to tune in with John this week and hear the secrets behind gift giving that lead us to success.


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