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The Story Behind Hawaii Fluid Art With Maya Ratcliff

Art can bring a new sense of joy into people’s lives. Having a creative outlet and being part of a community with shared interests can be fulfilling. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to help people gain a unique and joyful experience through art, this episode will inspire you. 

Maya Ratcliff, founder of Hawaii Fluid Art, began her art career helping people with brain injuries delve into their artistic talents as therapy. She eventually developed her proprietary method of fluid art using acrylic paints and a unique pouring medium while working from her home and area resorts. 

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As word spread by students thrilled at seeing what they could create, the demand for her classes grew. Maya opened the first Hawaii Fluid Art studio in Waikoloa, HI, where her fluid art technique is now taught during multiple daily classes. She currently has over 200 locations sold across the US.


Join Erik and Maya as they discuss what is unique about Hawaii Fluid Art compared to other art concepts, how to start and grow your franchise with the help of franchise advisors like Front Street Equity Partners, how to do B2B marketing, and more. Plus, you get the hope that you don't need an artistic background to create beautiful art. 


Ready to unleash the artist in you? Tune in and enjoy today's episode of Franchise Secrets!


“If you think you know everything in franchising, you've already lost. You really have to count on others who know more than you to help you level up.” - Maya Ratcliff


In This Episode:

- A brief background about Maya

- The story behind Hawaii Fluid Art

- Maya's introduction to the world of franchising

- What's so different about Hawaii Fluid Art compared to other painting concepts?

- The birth and development of Hawaii Fluid Art

- How Maya proved that her idea and model would work

- Why put an Item 19 in your FDD?

- What is the ideal property size for a franchise location?

- What does B2B look like for a brand like Hawaii Fluid Art?

- Do you need an artistic talent or background to create beautiful artwork?

- What attracted Maya to Front Street Equity Partners advisory services?

- Why is Maya so franchisee-focused, and what could possibly change that?

- What does Maya's sales process look like?

- Why is it important for a founder to meet potential franchisees face-to-face?

- Corporate office setup for Maya's brand

- What does a franchise owner do in the business?

- Semi-absentee owner vs. Absentee owner

- How to get customers inside the door



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The Story Behind Hawaii Fluid Art With Maya Ratcliff