Turning Junk into Gold, with 1-800 Got Junk founder Brian Scudamore

I’m thrilled today to welcome Brian Scudamore to this week’s episode of Franchise Secrets, where we seek out the secrets and the knowledge you need in order to find the right franchise for you! Brian is a franchising legend. After realizing that he learned more from working that he did from studying, he dropped out of college to attack his junk removal business full-time. That business became 1-800-GOT-JUNK, a top-flight low cost to entry franchise that has swept both the US and Canada and annually grosses over a half billion dollars in revenue. He then branched out with his business partners to open two more rapidly growing franchise companies: Wow One Day Painting and Shack Shine, both of which are on pace to dominate their respective markets and gross over a half billion in revenue themselves.


By focusing on franchises based around home services, Brian found a perfect niche, become one of the most successful franchise entrepreneurs in the entire world, and has learned how to turn a small business into a well-oiled machine. He joins us today to share his wealth of knowledge with anyone who is in the franchise game or looking to get into it.


(5:23) The importance of a good company culture, and how to create it.

 (14:07) Building the right team with complementary skills

 (16:08) How Brian empowers his franchisors

 (31:46) The dividends you receive from treating your team like a big family

 (42:50) Being driven to make an impact on people’s lives

Our Credentials Come From the Streets 


Entrepreneurs are not doctors. No one cares where Brian went to school, or more accurately: what school he dropped out of. As an entrepreneur, your resume is your failings, your real life experience, your go-getter attitude that has no quit. You either got it or you don’t, and if you got it, you don’t need a fancy school name, or realistically any school at all.


Brian busted his chops working his way through college, only to drop out and build his business to astronomical proportions. He tells us the story of two of his franchisees, who started with nothing and now dominate entire regions running 1-800-GOT-JUNK franchises. If you’ve got that relentless attitude, we can show you the recipe to build a winning business and build the lifestyle you dream of.


The Beer and BBQ Test 


When Brian hit his first major hurdle as a business owner he was blindsided. He realized that his employees were unhappy, they didn’t like him, and he needed to make a drastic change. Instead of blaming the employees, Brian realized the only useful person to blame it was himself. He took responsibility for the situation, and developed what would become known as The Beer and BBQ Test. When looking to hire a new employee, instead of rattling questions off at them, he gets to know them personally and thinks about whether they’d fit into his organization.


Do they have drive? Are they passionate? Fun? Can he see himself and his whole team hanging out, grilling and kicking back with a beer with them? If they can’t pass that test, they’re not a good fit. Employing this method has created an award winning culture among his staff and franchisees, and is the backbone of his empires.


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