VR Franchise And Supporting Franchisees With Robert Bruski Of CTRL V

On this episode of the Franchise Secrets podcast, Erik is joined by Robert Bruski, a co-founder of CTRL V to discuss VR franchising and how he’s building an emerging brand. Robert breaks down his experience going from working in the Canadian version of Wallstreet to creating a VR franchise, while also talking about how he’s building the franchise into an emerging brand and all that comes with it.

Listen to Erik and Robert talk about VR franchises:

Introduction to Robert and his company (1:18)

Robert explains what his company does and what a typical customer experiences when walking in the door.

VR equipment (2:14)

Erik asks Robert about the equipment used and the benefits of coming to a CTRL V location compared to doing it at home.

Canadian Wallstreet  (4:29)

Robert details his background in Canada’s version of Wallstreet, including some of the big money he used to manage and why he eventually left. Robert also talks about his path from Baystreet to VR franchising.

Becoming a franchisor (7:24)

Business was going well but Robert wanted to begin franchising. He walks Erik through the steps he had to take creating a whole new industry, including the timeline for opening the very first franchise location. Robert also breaks down some of the initial problems they faced as new franchisors.

Challenges and lessons from the first franchise (13:26)

With their first franchisee, CTRL V was learning on the fly in many ways. Robert shares some of the things he learned along the way, from what processes are needed and how to handle franchisees.

Supporting franchisees (16:03)

Robert believes supporting his franchisees involves building relationships with them and including them. Erik and Robert break down who should be handling that role, at least early on.

How to build better franchisee/franchisor relationships (19:50)

Robert discusses what he believes is the foundation for forming a good franchisee/franchisor relationship

Emerging brands (22:31)

Not every emerging brand can handle blowing up, with many falling down as they begin to scale. Erik and Robert talk about how franchisors have to work a little extra hard as they start to become an emerging brand in order to ensure they stay around.

Embracing the grind (26:35)

Erik and Robert discuss how successful people often have the ability and love to grind and hustle. Robert also shares his thoughts on how entrepreneurs can regain that ability and love when it has waned a bit.

Advice to new franchisees who are excited (28:47)

Robert and Erik detail the realities for those new franchisees who are excited to get started. Unfortunately, the beginning stages of opening a franchise involves a lot of hurry-and-wait.

Potential pitfalls (32:09)

Erik believes the best franchises are more than just processes and resources, they can actually prevent certain pitfalls.

Happiness (37:30)

Robert believes a person’s happiness sets the foundation for their life to be better. However, life doesn’t always want to cooperate, which is why Robert also prays and meditates at the beginning of the day to start fresh.

Resources for the audience (41:56)

Robert details what resources he’s currently reading and listening to and how much time he’s dedicating to them in order to improve.

Last bits of wisdom (43:53)

Robert and Erik discuss the idea that founders don’t necessarily make great franchisors and how to know, as a founder, when it’s time to step back or step up.


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