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Why Franchising Wasn’t the Right Path for Tommy Mello

Every entrepreneur has their formula for success. If you ask a dozen entrepreneurs their secret, many will say you must stand out from the competition. But today's guest has an unconventional secret to industry domination, so tune in to find out if you can apply the same secret to your business. 


Tommy Mello, founder of A1 Garage Door Service, shares his insights on how he transformed his garage door company into a technology-driven business with over $25 million in EBITDA. He discusses why he chose not to franchise his business and the importance of continuous learning and personal growth. 


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Tommy emphasizes the value of investing in the right people and creating a strong company culture. He also talks about his goal to achieve $108-110 million in EBITDA in three years and the importance of hiring the right team to help him get there. He believes in leveraging technology to automate processes and improve efficiency. 


Tommy discusses the shift in mindset from being a garage door company to a technology company and what accelerated this transformation. He also highlights the significance of knowing and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) to make informed business decisions. Tommy shares his philosophy of elevating the industry and helping competitors succeed through the Freedom Event, which focuses on personal and professional growth in the home services industry.


Tommy's journey is a masterclass in innovation and leadership, so don't miss out on today's episode of Franchise Secrets. 


“If I'm gonna make this business worth a lot of money, I gotta elevate the whole industry. If I'm gonna charge the right prices, then I cannot be this lonesome wolf. I needed to invite people in.” - Tommy Mello


In This Episode:

- Tommy's background and how he got to where he is today

- Navigating the different seasons in life

- Why Tommy did not franchise his business

- How continuous learning and personal growth make all the difference

- Hiring the right people to accelerate your growth

- Elevating the industry by helping competitors succeed

- Freedom Event: Fostering personal and professional growth in the home services industry

- Choosing the right vendors and holding them accountable

- The Key to Success: Embrace hard work and avoid procrastination



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Why Franchising Wasn't the Right Path for Tommy Mello