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The One Thing I Did 3 Years Ago That Changed How I Do Business Today

I was reminded of this little saying about 3 years ago.

“If you do what you’ve always done, then you get what you’ve always got.”

I had found myself as one of the more successful people in the groups I was involved with. I also knew I needed to do something different and may be uncomfortable to get even better at what I do. I am not just talking about making more money, but rather getting better at building teams, growing faster, scaling sooner, the right marketing, refining the operations, consulting and coaching people better.

These 14 words caused me to take action, and that single action put me on a journey that produced results far beyond my expectations.

Here’s the story how I took action, even though it wasn’t easy or comfortable.

I was at a crossroads and knew I need to do something different. That something different was me reluctantly paying almost $2,000 to attend a conference with “like-minded” people.

I remember talking to my wife about it, saying “I have never paid $2,000 for a conferenceand I don’t really want to pay that much.” Knowing my thoughts, she still encouraged me to take action. (Yes, I have an awesome wife.)

Thankfully, I attended the conference, gained knowledge, and had a great time. I left with actionable steps and made some new friends.

That year, I went from “that guy” who did not want to spend $2,000 to learn, to “that guy” who this year has spent about $100,000 to attend 3 conferences, hired some of the best coaches and joined a Mastermind group.

Just before Thanksgiving, I was at a Mastermind with other entrepreneurs. I was sitting in the hotel lobby with Dean Graziosi, and we were talking about a lot of things, but one was the power of Masterminds or being around like-minded people who are at the top of their game.

I was reminded how being around like-minded people happened to me unintentionally when I first started my franchises. I found myself around the best franchise owners because I was one of them and we all got better in our business because we learned from each other.

Over the years, I have developed relationships with other top franchisees who own different franchise brands and guess what I found….

It is the same with them and their franchise.

You see there is always a group of top franchisees in every franchise and they all hang out and learn from each other.

What is NOT common is a community where the top performers from different franchise brands have access to each other.

This is the reason I created a Facebook group for franchisees

Franchisees Growing and Scaling

[Side note, if you are not a franchisee yet, you may want to join my other Facebook group FRANCHISE SECRETS]

The purpose of the Facebook group Franchisees Growing and Scaling is for:

➡️Top Performers from a variety of brands to gain wisdom from each other;

➡️ Support for average franchisees to excel and learn from top franchisees;

➡️ Franchisees who desire to grow and scale their franchise journey;

➡️Open dialogue of questions and answers from everyone in the group, including myself.

I wanted to provide a place for this to happen and Facebook is that place today…. who knows what the future holds. In my sphere of influence, I have the privilege of knowing some of the smartest, most successful & respected leaders in franchising and however I can help those in this group, I will do my best.

Even though you may know this, it’s not about spending more and more money to join groups, etc, but being in the company of people who are ahead of you in areas of your life that you’d like to improve. It’s not always comfortable (at least for me), but has always been worth it.